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Reading files containing the dates column.

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Assumption and Recommendation

A common data wrangling challenge and a one-step solution.

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Converting your data from long-form to wide-form

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Converting your data from wide-form to long-form

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Using If-Else conditions within loops

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Let us get started

1. Using else condition within a while loop

Explaining the working of regular expressions in Python

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  1. What are the escape sequences?
  2. How Python interpreter interprets escape sequences with or without the letter r?
  3. How regular expressions work in the Python language?
  4. The importance of using the letter r in regular expressions

1. What are the escape sequences?

Making Python Easy

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Beginner’s Guide To Anaconda

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Why Conda?

Open Source Platform For Python Distribution

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a.) Why Anaconda?

  • A complete solution — Unlike other Python IDEs (Pycharm, Pydev, Spyder), Anaconda not only offers easy to use programming interface but also makes tasks like package management, virtual environment management simple.

Productivity At Your Fingertips

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